Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Who Defines Style, Beauty and Makeup Trends

Who Defines Style, Beauty and Makeup Trends? 

You might think it is the cosmetic, fashion, publishing and media world,  right? WRONG! YOU DO!

Although they greatly influence the look and style trends through media and marketing, it is the consumer product purchase that ultimately sets the trend.
If the consumer doesn't purchase the product being marketed, the product marketing strategy or product is changed or completely done away with.

Gone are the days of making your own lipstick stains using food coloring mixed with equal parts of melted Shea butter, Bees Wax and Coconut oil to make a pretty lipstick stain that cost very little to do at home. If you want a red stain, Use red food coloring, a mauve stain, mix red food coloring with blue food coloring until you reach your desired shade.

Cosmetic companies charge a fortune these days for products using ingredients to make their products water proof or make a product have a desired effect. In reality, your usually paying to buy the Brand Name, not the actual product.

There are necessary ingredients in many products. The main necessary ingredients any cosmetic sold commercially should use are broad spectrum, non-paraben preservatives.
Preservatives are used in cosmetics to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and mold, in order to protect both the products and consumers.
Pparaben preservatives have been linked to breast cancer and reproductive issues. So, Lori G Ashley® - www.lorigashley.org along with many cosmetic brands don't use paraben preservatives in products.
Many consumers buy the Brand Name instead of concerning their self with the product ingredients. This goes to my point of who actually sets the trend.   If the consumer took the time to buy the product based on the ingredients instead of the brand names, many brands would not be able to charge ridiculous prices.  Imagine a world where you actually paid for the product and not the brand name!

We are determined to look our best, or even change our looks!  Beauty really is defined in the eye of the beholder externally.  We color our hair, try to find ways to cover up imperfections and make our wrinkles disappear. Hyaluronic acid, vitamin A (a.k.a.Retinol) greatly reduce our pores and wrinkles over use in time or cosmetic filler injections. Makeup foundations cover our imperfections. The use of silica powder (Silicon Dioxide) creates an illusion of HD effect for a flawless skin look. In reality, it is a visual illusion. But, isn't that what we are trying to achieve with makeup? 

But, how much makeup is too much? You set the trend, so, you decide! When deciding, determine the purpose and event. Is it every day wear? Is it a wedding event? Is it hot outside? If it is every day wear, I personally wouldn't want to wear any type of makeup that is going to be on a substantial amount of time that prevents my pores from being able to sweat. Our pores become clogged when we rub makeup into them. Pores inability to sweat due to waterproof makeup likely result in blemishes too.  Hence, airbrush makeup. We blow it on and go about our day.   

Not all airbrush makeup is the same.  If your wearing airbrush makeup every day, I suggest water based airbrush makeup. Setting sprays can set mineral airbrush makeup as well as silica powder. In the summertime, silica powder also helps to keep your makeup set as long as your not setting in 100 degree weather with a high humidity factor. If your going to be in a wedding where there is hot weather or in hot weather for a while, I would recommend you use a silicone airbrush makeup. But, I wouldn't recommend using any waterproof makeup every day. Unless your one of the lucky people in life who's skin doesn't have an issue with break outs from makeup.

We all age. The modeling industry uses makeup to make little girls look older. Older people use makeup to try and look younger. It is a crazy world we live in. If you look at the photos of models 50 to 30 years ago, then look at them now, their appearance is drastically changed. What I have found to be striking with many of those models is, most of them have wrinkles, yet embrace them!

Fashion recycles. The look of the 40's and 60's came, went and returned. The same with makeup.  Bright red lips to neutral colors and back to bright red lips again. Black eyeliner to colored eyeliner and back to black again. Smokey eyes with the use of eye shadows to bold colors to neutral colors and the cycle repeats. What is the determining factor for all of these looks? You the consumer

Consumers want to throw on their makeup as quick as they can. Rarely do consumers think about what effect the products they are using will have on their skin 10, 20  or even 30 years from now. Cosmetic companies know this.  A cosmetic company has one true goal, to make money. 

As the person that sets the trends through the power of purchasing, set the trend for healthy, beautiful skin!  Instead of buying without looking at the ingredients or buying what is quicker to apply, buy what is good for your skin!

Friday, September 23, 2016

Lori G Ashley Silica Finishing Powder instructional video

Proper use of Sephora HD Forever or Lori G Ashley Silica Finishing Powder. #lorigashley #mineralmakeup #airbrushmakeup

Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Need for Preservatives & or Alcohol in Water Base Makeup

Water base makeup without any form of preservative and or alcohol will likely grow bacteria, mold, and or yeast.
Water is a haven for microbes.
In an ideal world, the need for preservatives and alcohol in our water base makeup would not be a necessity.
However, this is not the case.
Unless you are going to use your water base makeup in a very short time frame of a week to maybe 3 or 4 months, depending on the water and microbes, you need preservative and or alcohol in your water base makeup!
The likely hood of damage from using makeup products with preservative and or alcohol is minute compared to using water base makeup without preservative and or alcohol.
Microbes in water base makeup without parabens, preservatives and or alcohol highly increases  bacteria, mold, and or yeast.
We all know the health issues of parasites and mold.
So, I recommend using water base makeup that contain preservatives if you are not going to use your water base product within a week to 3 months, depending on the water base product.
ALWAYS keep a close watch of your water base makeup for signs of mold/yeast....
With water base makeup, there is zero guarantee on how long it will be for it to grow mold/yeast. It is just a matter of time that it will.
Water is the necessity for mold and yeast.
The next time you read an article that screams how it is bad to wear products using preservatives and or alcohol, ask the writer how long any untreated water base makeup is protected from microbes of mold and yeast? If they say anything other than ZERO, they are telling you lie!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

How to correctly apply mineral airbrush makeup

I often hear people talk about the "splatter effect".

Airbrush makeup is an easy art to learn. If your makeup blotches or puddles, you are either spraying it on too close to the skin or too long in the same spot. 

Water base airbrush makeup does not dry like paints or other forms of wet makeup.

Airbrush makeup also requires it be applied in layers!

The secret to airbrushing airbrush makeup is to hold your airbrush at least 4 inches away from your skin and blow around your face in circles your first layer.

I tell all my clients to use an HAIR BLOW DRYER and dry the first airbrush makeup layer before spraying on a second coat. 

Next, use an HAIR BLOW DRYER and dry your second airbrush makeup layer too.

Your makeup should now have medium coverage.

If you desire heavy coverage, repeat the above steps.

After you have reached your desired airbrush makeup coverage and dried it pretty well with the HAIR BLOW DRYER, you may or may not have what is called the "Dew Effect".

Most waterbase airbrush makeup contain glycerin. 

Glycerin draws moisture from the air and is good for your skin as long as the glycerin in diluted correctly in the formula.

If Glycerin isn't diluted with water to the correct consistency, glycerin will have the opposite effect and draw moisture from your skin. This is not desired! No one wants their skin to dry out! Even if you have acne! This is not the desired way to clear up any acne since it is not addressing the acne problem it self! Not likely to clear it up either!

So, if your finish still has a "Dew Effect/sticky feeling on your skin, use 100% Silica Finishing Powder!

Silica, a'k'a' Silicon Dioxide is a white powder that will vanish when applied correctly!

A small amount of 100% Silica Finishing Powder goes a long way!

To correctly apply 100% Silica Finishing Powder, dab a kabuki or face powder brush into your

100% Silica Finishing Powder. Then, tap off the excess powder.

Next and most important, DO NOT BREATH THIS POWDER IN! 

Close your lips and hold your breath as you DAB the powder all over your face. 

Then you use your brush and in circular motions, lightly swirl it in to get an even more beautiful and softer finish to your airbrush makeup!

If you have ever heard of Sephora HD Forever Finishing Powder, this is what you are applying to your skin.! Lori G Ashley mineral airbrush cosmetics sells  100% Silica Finishing Powder far cheaper than Sephora. 

If you wish to pay for the brand name Sephora instead of the Lori G Ashley brand name, your choice.

I hope you find this written tutorial helpful!

Lori G Ashley